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Master Siddha

Motivational Speaker, Energy Healer And Sound Therapist

Like any of us, he was a simple man living a desired life. Pursued his MBA and got the dream job abroad. A perfect life! However, he had a constant inner calling that was looking for something moreprofound, more meaningful! Long story short – he took the leap of faith, returned to India to get trained under great Himalayan Masters. With his perseverance, he mastered his spiritual quest and, in the process, learnt about various tools of healing. Knowledge gained can be fruitful when practiced and shared with others. Thus, he chose to help people in achieving their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health for overall wellbeing. His goal now is to help in igniting divine spark within learners through healing, yoga and therapies. He is now an international sought-after Master healer and teacher who has crafted his own courses and practices it in Rishikesh, Bali, China and Europe. Also, Master Siddha has trained and healed many celebrities from India, USA and Australia. His courses include retreats, healing, therapies and insights to spirituality, Indian culture.


Founder & Director, Mindpace Healing Academy, Rishikesh & Healer

Enthusiasm to love your life is contagious around Tanuja. Her vibrations connect people to their own joyful potential. Tanuja lives her life in such a wonderful way that you can’t help but leave her sessions or workshops, spiritually uplifted! Born in India, where the Yoga has born, practiced and shared. She is an adventure lover, traveler, writer, motivational speaker and Yoga lifestyle coach.

She started breathwork practices 10 years back to recover herself physically and emotionally, since then never looking back. Her passion drove her to Rishikesh Devbhumi and completed her RYT 500 yoga teachers training course. Eventually she decided to help people to achieve their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health and achieve overall wellbeing.

She is also certified healer mainly Reiki & Sound (Tibetan Singing Bowls) and practicing healing since then. Tanuja firmly believes the magic of Yoga sparks the fire of transformation in everyone!

Ancient healing is our treasure. She believes in preserving these ancient practices through practicing it and making it part of our day today life. Therefore, Mindpace is created with a vision to train healers from every corner of the world so that one day this world would become the most beautiful place to live in.

She believes to penetrate this art of energy healing in our society so well so that our next generations will be free from stressful , unhappy and unhealthy life and will achieve total  wellbeing.