Reiki Healing Certificate Course

Level-1 : Duration-6 hours

Course contents:

  • Attunement with the Reiki channels 
  • Initiation
  • Self-healing Techniques
  • Reiki protection techniques
  • History and introduction to the Usui system of Reiki.
  • Chakra Healing techniques

Level-2 : Duration-6 hours

Course contents:

  • Third and fourth attunement and advance level of initiations
  • Significance of Reiki symbols
  • Learn to draw Reiki symbols
  • Healing others
  • Using Reiki symbols
  • Sequences of healing different diseases – Step by step guide
  • Distance Healing Techniques
meditation, spiritual, yoga

Reiki Master Level : Duration- 6 hours

Course contents:

  • Preparation for becoming master
  • Teaching techniques of reiki
  • How to  give Attunement
  • How to give initiations
  • Guidelines how to design your own Reiki courses