Sound Healing

This course is designed as per Tibetan and Vedic tradition.  3 levels consists different techniques of healing. 1st level covers introduction, connection with singing bowls, chakra healing. 2nd level covers different therapies including, joint pains, body pains, water therapy and space cleansing therapy. Master level is more advanced that includes spiritual practices like sound healing in Meditation, in asana practice, mantra, mudra and yantra. Full body Massage using singing bowls. Therapies include, kids, Vedic and Tibetan.


We are 9th Generation Reiki Masters. Couse consists  3 levels with attunement and initiations. Level 1 covers self-healing protection tools, history and introduction to the Usui System , Chakra Healing. Level 2 consists mainly symbols, drawing different symbols in Japanese, significance of symbols, how to use them during session, sequences of healing different diseases and distance healing. In Reiki Masters level   learn the teaching techniques and modalities.

yoga nidra

Yog nidra or yogic sleep is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping (tapping into subconscious mind), like the “going-to-sleep” stage typically induced by a guided meditation. Yoga nidra is a healing state of mind and body, by practicing yoga nidra one can touch the deepest  layers of the mind, it helps to remove negative impressions of subconscious mind, research says one hour of yoga nidra practice is equivalent to 4 hours of sleeping. This course covers introduction, philosophy, how to guide individual and group, how to setup & structure a class, neuroscience , hypnosis & yog nidra and different aspects of yognidra.


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