Mindpace Healing Academy is registered under Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Our aim is to heal the world!  That’s why we are training as many students as possible under Mindpace Tree, so that one day we will have our students from every corner of this world, practicing healing and helping this world to be the most beautiful place to live. I trained thousands of students from every continent. We also conducted many offline and online workshops in Asia and in Europe and in Canada as well.

  “Mindpace”         is the beautiful journey which will take you deep down to your roots

  “Mindpace          is the answer for the science behind healing

So what we are

  We are certified yoga teachers

– We are well known healers, that’s how we heal ourselves and empower ourselves with powerful healing energies all the time

– Our rich healing experiences gained from years of healing and teaching practices

– We always proud to have best students in our academy

– We prepare you to start your own healing studio

– We train you to consecrate your healing studio/space

– We conduct review session in every quarter of the year, which will help you to share the unique experiences and address the difficulties faced during your healing practices.

Every level of our courses includes practice, which will make you perfect, before you become a certified healer.

Our Facebook healing community group is recently created to connect with all the healers from this world

We offer certified offline and online courses

  • Sound Healing using Tibetan singing bowls where you learn Vedic and Tibetan way of healing
  • Reiki
  • The magic of breathing – Bramhavidya with Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Yin Yoga
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Upcoming – Heal yourself with 5 Elements, Grounding, Aroma therapy, Crystal Healing .

So are you ready to heal this world with me or Mindpace Healing Academy?